2011 Boston Music Awards

This was the official website for the 2011 Boston Music Awards where visitors could vote for their favorite nominees as well as buy tickets.
Content is from the site's 2001 archived pages.

Take a nostalgic trip back to 2011 and what led up to the awards celebration.

Now entering its 24th year, the event itself is less of a traditional awards show and more of rolling party with multiple stages and extended sets from nominated artists.

This years event will once again be held at The Liberty Hotel in Boston on November 20th. We are ecstatic about this years lineup. Once again, the BMAs will feature some of the regions most compelling emerging and established talent from Garage to Rock to Pop to Blues—Metal, Punk, Indie, Americana, International, Jazz, Hip Hop, RNB, Electronic, Folk—and everything in between. The party will roll! We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the collective accomplishments of our unique and immensely talented music scene.

Who is eligible for a
Boston Music Award?

A musician, producer or industry professional who has strong ties to New England. We define strong ties as someone who is a New England native or has lived here for a substantial period of time who has actively worked or is actively working here. (John Mayer who went to Berklee for one year does not qualify). The timeframe for consideration for this years awards is November 1, 2010 through October 31, 2011.

What is the Mission of the
Boston Music Awards?

To bring together the music community of New England to honor its best and brightest performers while raising money for music charities to ensure our stages and studios are filled with talent for years to come. The event is the one time of year that the entire community can come together and celebrate our own. We also strive to generate regional and national exposure for nominated and winning artists.

Where does the
money go?

Since 2003, any proceeds from the event have gone to various music charities throughout New England. We have funded scholarships to Berklee, music education programs in schools, etc. Recently, we aligned with Music Drives Us, a non-profit that provides funding for music education programs. For the past few years the money to put on the BMAs and fund our charitable efforts has been raised exclusively through sponsorship and partnerships.

How are the
nominees chosen?

Last year, we revamped our nominating and voting Academy to include over 150 active participants in all genres of the music community in New England. The Academy includes venue owners, booking agents, managers, writers/bloggers, DJs, program directors, music business owners, distributors, retailers, producers, publicists and others. We will continue to try to update and expand this list to ensure that it is truly representative of people who have their finger on the pulse of ALL music genres in Boston. The BMA office gets nomination requests throughout the year, which we pass on to the nominating committee. Nominees can be viewed and voted for here.

Who votes for
the winners?

Once the ballot is created, the Academy votes for the winners. The Academy vote counts for 2/3, while the online public vote counts 1/3.


Sunday Nov 20, 2011 7:00 PM
Monday Nov 21, 2011 1:00 AM


$20.00 - $99.00


Liberty Hotel
215 Charles St.
Boston, MA 02114


Artist of the Year

Album/EP of the Year

New Artist Of The Year

Song Of The Year

Live Artist Of The Year

Video Of The Year

Female Vocalist Of The Year

Male Vocalist Of The Year

Americana Artist Of The Year

Blues Artist Of The Year

DJ Artist Of The Year

Electronic Artist Of The Year

Folk Artist Of The Year

Hip Hop Artist Of The Year

R&B;/Soul/Urban Contemporary Artist of the Year 

International Artist Of The Year

Gospel/Inspirational Artist Of The Year

Jazz Artist Of The Year

Metal/Hardcore Artist Of The Year

Pop Rock Artist Of The Year

Punk Artist Of The Year

Rock Artist Of The Year

Singer Songwriter Of The Year

Producer Of The Year Hip Hop

Producer Of The Year Rock

Best Music Blog

Best Live Music Venue

Best DJ/Dance Night

Best Live Ongoing Residency

The Liberty Hotel Lineup


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This years event will once again be held at The Liberty Hotel in Boston on November 20th. We are ecstatic about this years lineup. Once again, the BMAs will feature some of the regions most compelling emerging and established talent from Garage to Rock to Pop to Blues—Metal, Punk, Indie, Americana, International, Jazz, Hip Hop, RNB, Electronic, Folk—and everything in between. The party will roll! We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating the collective accomplishments of our unique and immensely talented music scene.



More Background On The Boston Music Awards

The Boston Music Awards (BMAs) have been an integral part of the Massachusetts music scene since their inception in 1987, annually showcasing the exceptional musical talent across a wide array of genres. This prestigious event has evolved into more than just an awards ceremony; it is a celebration of the rich musical culture and talent found within the Boston area, offering a spotlight for both emerging artists and established acts.

Throughout its history, the BMAs have recognized a diverse range of artists that reflects the eclectic nature of Boston's music scene. Notable past recipients include high-profile names such as Aerosmith, Paula Cole, Esperanza Spalding, the band Boston, Rubyhorse, Bang Camaro, the Dresden Dolls, Dropkick Murphys, JoJo, Pat Metheny, Amanda Palmer, Phish, Donna Summer, Shea Rose, James Taylor, and Jada, highlighting the ceremony's wide-ranging appeal and significance within the industry.

The BMAs have adapted over the years to changes in the music industry and the world. For instance, the 2020 ceremony was not held in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting the event's flexibility and commitment to safety while still celebrating musical achievement. Over the years, venues such as Big Night Live and the House of Blues in Boston have played host to the awards, providing a dynamic backdrop for the festivities and performances that accompany the award presentations.

The awards cover a vast spectrum of categories, from Artist of the Year to genre-specific recognitions like Rock/Indie Artist of the Year and Hip-Hop Artist of the Year. This inclusive approach ensures a broad representation of the musical talent thriving in Boston and New England. The ceremony also includes special awards for up-and-coming artists, acknowledging the future stars of the music scene.

The BMA's process of selecting nominees and winners is a collaborative effort involving an academy composed of various stakeholders in the music industry, including venue owners, booking agents, managers, writers, DJs, and more. This ensures a diverse and representative selection of nominees and winners, truly reflective of the New England music scene's vibrancy and diversity.

For anyone interested in the evolution of music in Boston and the artists who have shaped its soundscape, the Boston Music Awards represent a valuable resource and a testament to the city's ongoing musical legacy. As it continues to evolve, the BMAs remain a focal point for celebrating the achievements of Boston's music community, looking back on its storied past while also paving the way for its future.


The Boston Music Awards (BMAs) are a significant annual event that unites the diverse Boston music scene, including musicians, industry professionals, and fans to celebrate the city's rich musical talent. Recognized for its inclusivity, the BMAs cover a wide range of genres and roles within the music community. It serves as a crucial platform for artists to gain visibility and credibility, which can be essential for their careers. Moreover, the event highlights the collective achievement of Boston's music scene, emphasizing its growth and potential for future development. The BMAs are not just an award ceremony but a lively celebration of music, featuring performances and various activities for attendees​.

Press & Media Coverage

The Boston Music Awards - WBUR and WGBH have covered the event in detail over the years, indicating a significant interest and coverage in the media. These outlets have discussed various aspects of the awards, including highlighting homegrown talent, the impact of the awards on the local music scene, and specific events related to the awards ceremonies.

The Boston Music Awards 2023 nominations showcased a wide array of talent across various categories such as Song of the Year, Video of the Year, and Live Artist of the Year, among others. The nominees range from emerging local acts to well-established artists, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of Boston's music scene. Categories covered different genres and aspects of the music industry, indicating the comprehensive nature of the awards in celebrating musical achievements​​.


The audience of the Boston Music Awards is diverse, encompassing musicians, industry professionals, and music fans from various backgrounds. The event attracts a broad range of attendees, from artists nominated across different genres to music enthusiasts looking to celebrate the city's vibrant scene. It's a gathering that reflects the inclusivity and wide appeal of Boston's music community, uniting people with a shared passion for recognizing and honoring musical talent.

Known For

The Boston Music Awards are known for recognizing and celebrating the diverse range of musical talent in the Boston area. It highlights contributions across various genres, from rock to hip-hop to jazz, and honors both established and emerging artists. The event serves as a major gathering for the music community, promoting local talent and fostering connections within the industry. Its inclusivity and broad representation of genres make it a pivotal event for Boston's music scene.


The Boston Music Awards were established in 1987 to showcase and honor the diverse musical talent within the Boston, Massachusetts area. Over the years, the event has highlighted notable talents across various genres, featuring performances and recognition of artists like Aerosmith, Paula Cole, and Dropkick Murphys, among others. The awards have evolved to include a wide range of categories, celebrating both emerging artists and established acts, contributing significantly to the visibility and growth of Boston's music scene.

Cultural & Social Significance

The Boston Music Awards not only celebrate the city's diverse musical talent but also reinforce the social and cultural fabric of Boston. By recognizing artists across various genres, the awards highlight the rich musical heritage and current vibrancy of the Boston area. This celebration of local talent fosters a sense of community and pride, encouraging collaboration and innovation within the music scene. It also brings attention to the importance of music as a form of expression and connection in society.